“They’re always talking about having a family,” 9-year-old has spent half of his life moving around in foster care

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Drake is 9 years old, very active and very shy.

Drake doesn't say a lot, but he is definitely engaged when he is playing sports.

His caregivers said being shy is pretty normal for Drake.

"I would best explain him as quiet until you get around him and he gets to know you and feels comfortable with you,” said John Stokes, Adoption Transition Unit employee for DHS.

He said his favorite movie is 'Iron Man,' but he hopes to be a hero in real life.

He said he wants to be a police officer "because they save people's lives."

Drake has been in DHS custody for five years and has lived in five homes since October.

"It would be cool if I just stayed at a home," he said.

Stokes said it is challenging for Drake to pack up and move all of the time, especially when it comes to learning the rules of a new foster home.

"Kids want structure. Even the ones that say they don't want it, they're the kids that want it the most, and Drake's not different than any of those other kids,” Stokes said.

Structure and a warm hug from someone who won't give him back to the state.

"They're always talking about having a family. Someone to call their own. Somebody that they know, no matter what they do right or wrong, any mistake, will be there for him," Stokes said.

Drake said he loves the foster family he's currently with but knows it could change at any given moment so he's got to be ready for what's next.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child or call 405-767-2955.

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