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Dispute over eyelash extensions leads to assault charges at local salon

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A customer and a salon plan to press charges on one another after an argument that apparently got physical inside the store.

According to a police report, Jorge Aguirre walked into Fancy Nails, near N.W. 122nd and May, to receive eyelash extensions - a service he had never experienced before.

"Prior to the service, I asked her not to use shears on my lashes, because it was going to cut my lashes and I didn’t want that to happen," Aguirre told NewsChannel 4. "So, after two hours, because my eyes were shut with gel pads for two hours after that, I noticed that she had done what I asked her not to do."

When he confronted the technician, Aguirre said she left the salon without addressing his concern.

"At this point, in my head, I’m really angry, and I begin to record" on a cell phone, Aguirre said. "That’s when the ladies just started attacking me."

Witnesses told police Aguirre refused to pay his $200 bill, pushing and punching the manager in the arm on his way out the door.

The manager at the salon showed NewsChannel 4 a bruise and described Aguirre as rude, adding she tried to stop him from recording on his cell phone.

Aguirre's account is different.

"After them locking me in [to get him to pay], I unlocked the door, walked out, the lady tackled me," Aguirre said. "It was just so humiliating and frustrating, and their false accusations are really what triggered me to do everything that I’m doing."

Though Aguirre was arrested that day and charged with assault and battery, he is now pressing charges against the salon.

"It’s about being humiliated in front of this entire salon and humiliated whenever I walked out," he said. "I don’t understand why somebody would treat somebody else that way."

The manager at the salon said she's not backing down either. She wants Aguirre to turn back into a good person, she said, and she doesn't want him to do something similar at another store.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said a detective is on the case, which will likely be hashed out in court.

The state Board of Cosmetology recommends a customer discuss bad service with the licensee, manager or owner.

The board also accepts formal complaints, which must be in writing. The board can be reached at 405-521-2441.

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