Firefighters tease police officer after helping unlock her car

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The natural rivalry between siblings can be funny. The natural rivalry between firefighters and police officers can be even funnier.

On Wednesday, an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department accidentally locked her keys in her car.

To her rescue came none other than firefighters with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, who made sure she would never live the moment down.

“We proudly serve all of the people in Oklahoma City, even our brothers and sisters who accidentally lock their keys in their car,” the OKCFD posted on Facebook – along with lighthearted photographic proof.

Police officers aren’t the only first responders who need help after getting locked out of their cars, however.

“It’s okay,” the OKCFD responded to comments. “If truth be known, we’ve had to unlock many of our own firefighters’ cars over the years, too.”

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