“I heard the branch snap,” Dirt biker impaled with 8-foot tree branch

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BOISE, Idaho – A fun ride on his dirt bike took a dangerous turn for Jon Francey.

On Saturday, Francey and some friends were riding dirt bikes along a trail near Idaho City.

When the group came upon a downed tree on the trail, Francey says that he tried to go around it but didn’t clear the entire thing.

“I felt something kind of dig into the pants and then I heard the branch snap off of the actual tree,” Francey told KTVB.

As Francey fell to the ground, he had no idea how bad his injury was.

The 8-foot-long branch had pierced through his knee and was sticking out of his leg.

One of his friends ran to get help, while another pulled out an Xacto knife and began whittling away at the branch.

After an hour and a half, they cut through the branch.

Francey was able to get back on his bike and ride to the nearest road where help was waiting for him.

“The surgeon said, he’s like, ‘Man, you were extremely lucky,’ because it missed my major artery by an inch-and-a-half and my major nerve by about a half-an-inch,” he said.

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