“I’m innocent,” Del City double murder suspect proclaims innocence following preliminary hearing

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Roshaun Jones sat in an Oklahoma County courtroom Wednesday morning, listening to the evidence against him.

The MMA fighter is accused of killing two people at the Laundry Station in Del City back on Jan. 23.

Police said he killed 42-year-old Nekia Jackson, the laundromat manager, and 60-year-old Russ Roberts, a customer.

Nekia Jackson

During the preliminary hearing, a Del City detective testified about surveillance video from the laundromat that shows the murders.

They did not play the video in court, but he testified that you can see someone enter the laundromat, place a white plastic bag on the counter and then lunge at Jackson.

The detective said you cannot see the suspect's face on the surveillance video.

The video then shows Roberts attempting to help Jackson.

Both Jackson and Roberts were shot and killed.

Russ Roberts

The detective said they found clothes belonging to Jones inside the white plastic bag left in the laundromat.

He also testified that surveillance video from a nearby gas station showed a white Honda Pilot, the same car Jones was arrested in, in the area at the time of the murders.

A laundromat employee testified that Jones was upset over the firing of a long-time laundromat employee and that he told her several days before the murders that he was going to rob the place.

A part owner of the laundromat testified there was about $200 missing.

Jones had only one thing to say to our camera as he left the courtroom for a break.

"I'm innocent," Jones said.

Roshaun Jones

Jones' girlfriend, whom he was living with at the time of the murders, testified that there was nothing unusual about his behavior after the crime.

She first said she could not recognize the person in the surveillance video but then admitted she thought it looked like Jones based on the way he moved and his mannerisms.

One of Jones' friends who attended the preliminary hearing said he does not believe Jones is capable of murder.

"We've stood alongside each other feeding the poor and helping the homeless, so I don't understand. This doesn't seem like him at all to me," said Jimmy Thompson. "They said they have a video tape. The video tape is not, has been constantly said that it was not, you know, you can't really identify the person in the video tape."

The preliminary hearing had to be continued until Friday, because the prosecution's final witness was out-of-town.

The judge will decide, at that time, if there is enough evidence for this case to go to trial.

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