Investigators: 70-year-old woman was bound, strangled inside her New York home

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Neighbors in New York say they were stunned when they learned that a 70-year-old woman had been murdered inside her home.

On Monday afternoon, investigators tell WPIX that a family friend found the body of 70-year-old Noreen Mulzac inside her home.

The medical examiner determined that she was strangled to death and had her legs bound at the time of her murder.

"We were very close," another neighbor, Patricia Johnson, said. "We've known each other for 20 years. Our kids went to school together and we both work in health care. She was a nurse, very hard-working. It's a shock for the block, we're all heartbroken. It’s sad."

Investigators are searching for a person of interest in connection to Mulzac's murder.

CBS 2 reports that Mulzac survived a previous attack at her home.

In September of 2006, investigators say Mulzac was duct taped to a chair, held at gunpoint and hit in the head with the gun.