OBN agents save man from overdosing during marijuana sting

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OBN FILE PHOTO Helo on OBN Marijuana Spotting Mission NOT FROM RATTAN TODAY

RATTAN, Okla. – Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, or OBN, saved a man from a prescription drug overdose in southeastern Oklahoma Wednesday morning.

OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward said agents were flying over a property in Pushmataha County when they discovered a large cultivated pot crop a few miles east of Rattan, Oklahoma.

OBN FILE PHOTO Aerial picture of a cultivated marijuana patch NOT FROM RATTAN TODAY

“Our agents estimate about 100 plants were being cultivated on this piece of property. We dispatched a ground team to the location and when they arrived, the suspected grower, most likely tipped off from seeing our spotter aircraft, was already out in the patch trying to destroy the plants with a tractor and setting the field on fire,” Woodward said.

As agents approached the man, they witnessed him swallow what he later admitted was more than 30 Methadone pills.

OBN Agents immediately administered Narcan, a drug designed to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

“We aren’t sure at this time if he was distraught and trying to take his own life or was attempting to simply not get caught in possession of the pills. Our agents kept him awake and alert, and they arranged for an ambulance to transport him to a hospital in Antlers to be checked out,” Woodward said.

With opioid overdoses on the rise, Woodward says OBN Agents are trained to carry and administer Narcan in the field.

Once discharged from the hospital, Woodward says the defendant will be facing a variety of charges, including marijuana cultivation.

Woodward says the man’s name will not be released at this time, but confirms that he is a convicted felon and firearms were found Wednesday during a search of his nearby home.

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