“You don’t really get that very often,” Oklahoma girl spreads kindness to troopers following crash

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MOORE, Okla. - A young girl is spreading some joy to Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers following an accident that critically injured one of their own.

“I’ve only been on for a year and, ever since I went to nights, I haven’t had anything like that happen," Kyle Rosine, an OHP trooper, told NewsChannel 4.

For Rosine, the scene of a car accident is all too familiar. However, this time, it hits close to home.

"It was a tough night, that's for sure," Rosine said.

It started with a pursuit on I-35 near 27th Street in Moore.

Lt. Heath Meyer

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Heath Meyer was putting out stop sticks on the interstate when another trooper ran into Meyer.

Since the accident, he has been in critical condition.

It's been a difficult ordeal for the OHP community, which is why they're thankful for a glimmer of hope.

"I pull up to the pump to get some gas for my shift, and I notice a man and a little girl walking up to me. So, this kind of catches me off guard," Rosine said.

That little girl, Lyla, and her dad were on an important mission.

“We just wanted to give back and kind of get the message out there to other families," said Bryan Walters, Lyla's dad.

Standing outside of a busy Moore gas station off I-35, the two held up signs that read "Oklahoma prays for Lt. Meyer" and "Hit your lights and Sirens for OHP Lt. Meyer and his family."

A young girl is spreading some joy to Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers following a crash that critically injured one of their own.

Lyla wrote cards for OHP troopers, bought bracelets with an encouraging message and handed them out to any trooper who stopped by.

“I wrote 'I’m sorry your friend got hurt,'" Lyla said.

She also thanked them for their service.

It's a kind gesture that touched the troopers and their families.

"All law enforcement needs the support from their community. So, I really appreciated that she would do that," said Jenna Rosine, Kyle's wife.

"You don’t really get that very often," Kyle said.

Lyla and her dad also stopped by OHP's Troop A with their kindness and gifts to bless troopers there.

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