Oklahoma woman, children in hiding after ex-boyfriend who allegedly tried to kill her is released on bond

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Edmond woman and her children are in hiding after finding out the man who allegedly tried to kill her is out on bond.

Adrian Permetter is charged with shooting with the intent to kill and possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony. He's accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend, Stacy Anderson, multiple times on Christmas in front of their 1-year-old son.

Permetter fled the state and was found two weeks later hiding at his mother's home in South Carolina.

On July 6, Permetter was extradited back to Oklahoma City, but was released on bond the next day.

His bond was set at $44,000, it only took $4,400 to get him out.

Now, Anderson's friend and neighbor, Keagan Cook, said Stacy and her children have gone into hiding.

"She doesn't even feel safe in her home, constantly looking over her shoulder," Cook said.

She wasn't notified he had been released. She found out after checking his status online the night of July 19.

"She said she had this bad feeling in her gut, a mother's intuition, that something wasn't right," Cook said.

Cook said she was in disbelief, and that certain authorities she spoke to were equally surprised a bond had been set.

"They told her he somehow slipped between the cracks," Cook said.

According to Mark Opgrande, anyone who wants to be notified about whether a detainee has been released should register with national victim notification network VINE.

But Anderson and her loved ones don't think a bond should have been set at all.

"Who's going to say now he's not going to show up to check in on her, see what she's doing, and just lose his mind, do something worse," Cook said.

We reached out to district attorney David Prater and to his office to find out why a bond had been set, and have not received a response.