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Lawsuit: Ex-major told to ‘take the hit’ for deposed Tulsa County sheriff

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TULSA, Okla. – A former Oklahoma sheriff’s official claims he was forced to `take the hit’ and resign following the shooting of an unarmed man by a reserve deputy.

The federal lawsuit filed Thursday centers around an incident after the shooting of Eric Harris by volunteer deputy Robert Bates in 2015.

Bates said he meant to use his taser stun gun, not his revolver, on the suspect, who had been tackled by other deputies and was being held on the ground.

Robert Bates

Bates was later convicted of second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison.

The lawsuit filed by former Tulsa County Sheriff’s Maj. Tom Huckeby claims that former Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz forced his resignation after the shooting.

Stanley Glanz

The lawsuit claims Huckeby was axed because Glanz worried about “racial issues” arising from the shooting.

Glanz left the agency after being indicted and was sentenced last year to a one-year suspended term on misdemeanor charges stemming from the indictment.

It wasn’t immediately clear Friday who was representing Glanz in the new lawsuit.