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Oklahoma couple accused of allowing 9-year-old son to smoke pot, forcing him to steal

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ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma couple is behind bars after being accused of forcing their young son to shoplift.

Officials say the investigation began after a witness who lived with the couple called dispatch to report child abuse.

According to the witness, 45-year-old Kimberly Broyles and 40-year-old Michael Whitaker forced their 9-year-old son to steal from Dollar General.

The affidavit states that the woman decided to call for help after witnessing Whitaker allegedly kick the child in the back, neck and head as he was on the floor, screaming for him to stop.

The couple is also accused of allowing the boy to smoke marijuana in their presence.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told FOX 23 that the child ran from deputies as they raided the house.  Walton says the 9-year-old boy was using deplorable language when deputies caught up to him.

Whitaker and Broyles were taken to the Rogers County Jail. However, their charges are not listed.