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Standoff ensues after Oklahoma woman attacked inside her home

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NEWALLA, Okla. - A simple daily task unexpectedly develops into a police standoff, one man in custody and his alleged victim in the hospital.

It started when Johnathan Perry went to his aunt's house off East Indian Hills Road to take her to the doctor.

They were still in the house when he was suddenly attacked from behind.

"Next thing you know, I was getting grabbed and shoved into the back door," Johnathan said.

He said he realized it was his uncle, and his aunt's ex-boyfriend, Mark Perry.

"I said, 'Mark, get out of here!' He said, 'No, I'm not getting out of here, it's my place!"

Johnathan said Mark then threw him out of the house and locked the door behind him.

Johnathan called his father, Johnny Perry, for help, meanwhile listening to what Mark was doing inside.

"He's in the house with my aunt. You can hear her screaming and yelling," Johnathan said.

Johnny arrived and tried to kick the door in, but it didn't work.

"From what I was hearing inside the house, he was ransacking the house," Johnny said.

Then, suddenly, they heard the woman screaming behind the house.

"We went to the back of the house, and she was laying on the ground," Johnathan said. "He had thrown her out the back door."

Johnny said police finally arrived.

"They just started calling in more and more police and state troopers," he said.

Neighbors watched as police ordered Mark to leave the house, but he refused.

"They blew three or four of her windows out, shooting that tear gas through there," Johnny said, pointing into the home. "Then, he finally came out."

Now, he and Johnathan are hoping for a swift recovery for their family member.

"She's hurting, and she's got a broken or fractured arm," Johnny said. "She only weighs 80 pounds."

"I hope he stays in jail for a long time," Johnathan said.