New study says Oklahoma drivers aren’t courteous on the road

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OKLAHOMA – A new study from Kars4Kids says when it comes to being courteous on the road, Oklahoma drivers are close to failing.

Oklahoma received a “D” grade and was ranked as the 43rd state for having the most courteous drivers.

The results were based on individual online surveys with 50 licensed drivers in each state for a total of 2,500 respondents, age 18 and older, and conducted from March to April 2017.

The top five states with the most courteous drivers are:

  1. Idaho
  2. New Mexico
  3. Oregon
  4. Montana
  5. Alaska

The state with the least amount of courteous drivers is New York.

The study also graded on how drivers respond to slow driving and whether drivers let a car merge in front of them in heavy traffic.

Additional grades for Oklahoma in different scenarios on the road, according to the study are as follows:

  • How aggressively do you respond to slow driving?
    • B
  • Do you let a car merge in front of you in heavy traffic?
    • C+
  • Do you respond rudely when being tailgated?
    • C
  • Do you use your turning signals?
    • D
  • Would you steal someone’s parking spot?
    • B
  • Would you speed up to stop someone from passing you?
    • B

Click here to see the full study. 

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