Summertime heat bringing triple digit temperatures to the forecast

Nearly 2,000 metro residents without power following severe weather

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LEXINGTON, Okla. - Nearly 2,000 people are without power this evening after a mile long stretch of power poles were snapped in half by strong winds.

Lexington Fire Department says that six people have been transported via ambulance due to issues from the down power poles.

The downed poles are on highway 39 just east of the Lexington prison.

OG&E says that around 30 residents along with the Lexington prison are currently without power due to the downed lines near highway 39.

OG&E also says that nearly 2,000 residents are without power in Norman due to three down lines in the area of 24th Avenue NE and Creighton Drive.

The storm passed through the Lexington area around 5:30 Sunday afternoon with winds over 70 miles per hour.

The down lines trapped multiple vehicles on the highway for several hours as crews worked to clean up the debris.

The 4Warn Storm Team is expecting severe and isolated thunderstorms across the state on Monday.