A big new record store in OKC? The Trolley Stop expands.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- He collected a lot of records as a kid. Who didn't?

John Dunning eventually moved on to spending his money at local concert venues, but he was always the kind of guy who kept absolutely everything.

"A true junker never has enough room," he smiles.

So he stumbled across a vinyl collection that wouldn't even fit into one house.

John spent a month going through it for the good stuff.

"From daylight to dark, mining records," he says.

He sold some of them at a little storefront he rented off Classen Boulevard in OKC.

But the funny thing was, customers and friends kept bringing him more stacks of old albums, 45's, and even 78's.

Suddenly, he was in the record business.

Dunning says, "I knew people were getting interested because I just saw more interest so that's what gave me the idea that this might actually work."

So John grew out of his first record store.

Needing to expand, he found this place, the old Penn Theater, long closes for movies and as a junk shop too.

John bought the place, moved in a stage and some shelves.

Suddenly the Noblemen, The Animals, Bowie, The Ramones, even Chilliwack had a new home.

"Do you have all the room you need in here," asks a visitor?

"Probably not," replies John, "But it's all we have."

Dunning still has lots of other antiques, photos and books.

But those shows he used to go to, the posters he saves, including a whole bunch from Cain's Ballroom, they're here too.

He hasn't done the research to know whether 'Paint Your Wagon' or 'Easy Rider' ever played in the old Penn Theater but if it's sound tracks you want this old Trolley Stop is likely to have them in vinyl.

Half the fun of a record store is looking for them.

The new Trolley Stop Records is located at 12th and Penn in northwest Oklahoma City.

They opened July 20, 2017.

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