Older man beats robber half his age who was wearing a Transformer mask, wielding a knife

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FRESNO, California - A man caught on camera robbing a Starbucks store while donning an Optimus Prime Transformer mask was no match for a man nearly twice his age, 58-year-old customer Cregg Jerri.

Jerri was sipping his coffee when he noticed the masked man enter the store.

Just as with Transformers, Jerri knew as soon as the costumed character walked in that there was more than meets the eye  - and sure enough, 30-year-old Ryan Michael Flores raced up to the counter and pulled a toy gun on the cashier before pulling out a real knife.

Jerri wasted no time, grabbed a chair, and smashed it on Flores' back, WWE smackdown-style.

Flores turns and starts fighting, and did manage to stab Jerri in the neck, but that didn't stop Jerri from whaling on Flores, wrestling away his knife, then stabbing him back multiple times.

Both men were taken to the hospital. Once Flores recovers, police say he'll be charged with multiple felonies and will head straight to jail.

Jerri needed six staples to close the stab wound to his neck. He'll be left with a scar, along with a lifelong story about that one time when he defeated a would-be autobot robber.

While police recommend calling 911 rather than taking matters into your own hands, officers are still hailing Jerri as a hero.

"There's probably not very many people in America who would do what Cregg Jerri did last night," Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told KSEE. "It was incredibly heroic and the way most people would think that they would respond, but may not have the courage to respond."

Jerri must be feeling a little like Optimus Prime himself, who once said, "So this...is what it feels like...to be a hero." (Transformers Animated, 2007.)

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