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Former Comanche Nation employee charged with embezzling from the tribe

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A former Comanche Nation employee has been charged with felony embezzlement from the Comanche Nation Tax Commission.

An indictment returned by a federal grand jury Tuesday shows 38-year-old Julierose Baquera Molina was employed by the tribe’s Tax Commission, which funds Comanche government operations, from October 2014 through March 2016.

Julierose Baquera Molina

The indictment said Molina allegedly took more than $1,000 from the Tax Commission illegally.

“This is exactly the kind of corruption my administration is dedicated to eliminating forever,” said Comanche Chairman, William Nelson. “Rogue Tribal members have disgraced and cheated the Comanche Nation by treating Tribal bank accounts like their own personal ATM. The Comanche Nation should work to elevate its members, not to cheat them, and this federal indictment should serve as a warning to anyone scheming against the hardworking members of our Tribe.”

If convicted, Molina could be sentenced to five years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine. She will also be required to pay restitution to the Comanche Nation Tax Commission.

“The fact that the Comanche Nation Police Department was an integral part of this investigation and prosecution should speak volumes,” Chairman Nelson stated. “The era of widespread abuse that brought our great Nation to the brink of bankruptcy is over. The Comanche Nation is now on a solid path to success and prosperity because of the responsible changes our members have agreed to implement. We, as a sovereign nation, have worked too hard to return to the dark days of despair that almost destroyed us. As our ancestors believed; if an enemy or a thief is within the encampment, they are whipped out of the camp. To know these monies were ear marked for Comanche children and the elderly, yes, we have to earnestly keep all enemies out of the encampment.”