Man pays it 4ward to Guthrie woman who returned lost money, movie tickets to rightful owner

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OKLAHOMA CITY - “I was gonna throw it in the trash," said Willa Kortright, of Guthrie, about the envelope she saw laying on the ground next to a gas pump at the Rainbow Gas station on Highway 33.

Inside the envelope was more than $250 and several movie tickets.

Willa knew by the movie’s title, it was obvious a parent had bought the tickets for her kids.

Instead of keeping it herself, Willa contacted NewsChannel 4 to publicize her find so the owner could be reunited with the money and tickets.

“I want the rightful owner to have it.  That’s what I would want if it was me on the other end," she said.

And a few days later, the reunion was successful. The tickets and money were returned to a grateful lady.

One of the people who saw our story on Willa was Bobby Wood of Duncan.  He was touched by Willa’s honesty and integrity.

"As a parent, we bend and shape and mold our kids to become better citizens and have better morals values,” Bobby said.  “And we can’t teach that, we have to show them that."

Bobby nominated Willa, a total stranger to him, for Pay It 4Ward.

When we surprised Willa with the $400 from First Fidelity Bank, she was stunned and honest about the situation.

“It was real tempting to keep the money I found because we really need it but it wasn’t mine so I just couldn’t. I had to find the rightful owner," she said, proving honesty is always the best policy.

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