Oklahoma man saves sea turtle during vacation to Cozumel

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CYRIL, Okla. – Traveling the world can be an eye-opening experience.

When you head to a new place, you’ll likely encounter a new culture, and come in contact with things you have only seen in photographs.

That’s exactly what happened to Steve Booker when he traveled to Cozumel, Mexico recently.

Booker says he was walking along a beach on July 17 when he came across a large sea turtle on its back.

Initially, he told KSWO that he thought the sea creature was dead until it started moving.

Booker says he turned the sea turtle onto its stomach and it immediately headed back to the ocean.

“I have the step back and think, or I would like to think that anybody else in the same location at any time seeing what I seen, I think anybody would have done the same thing,” said Booker. “The only difference is I don’t know if anybody would have videoed it.”

Booker’s video of the rescue has been shared by The Weather Channel and National Geographic.