Report of stolen cell phone uncovers crime ring in Oklahoma City

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. – A man has been arrested after a report of a stolen cell phone uncovered his crime ring at his travel trailer at an RV Park in west Oklahoma City.

The investigation began when a victim of a stolen cell phone contacted the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office saying their phone was pinging through a “Find My Iphone Application” at 31-year-old Jesse Yarclay’s residence.

Jesse Yarclay

The victim said their phone has been stolen out of Newcastle and needed help recovering it.

While investigators were planning to execute a search warrant, deputies began to stake out Yarclay’s residence.

During this time, one deputy spotted Yarclay in his vehicle on Mustang Road and then initiated a traffic stop.

Yarclay admitted to deputies that he had marijuana in his travel trailer but declined to give consent to search.

Yarclay was in possession of a suspended driver’s license and was arrested for driving under suspension and forged paper tag. After Yarclay’s arrest, it was confirmed that he was a convicted felon for forgery, and assault and battery.

A search warrant for marijuana was obtained and executed on the Yarclay’s travel trailer on July 14.

Marijuana, stolen firearms, drivers’ licenses with other people, counterfeit money, and equipment to forge and manufacture counterfeit bills and checks were found inside the trailer.

“This case morphed from a stolen cell phone report into the take down of a sophisticated mobile criminal operation.  There’s really no telling how many people Yarclay has scammed and victimized,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

Yarclay was manufacturing U.S. currency, checks, IDs and credit cards. He also had multiple driver licenses’ with his photograph on them, but the names were of other people.

Located under the mattress was a Hi-Point 9mm rifle that had been stolen in the state of Maryland. A Hi-Point 45 pistol and a Glock were also found.

Yarclay was charged with driving with a suspended license, possessing a firearm by a convicted felon, possessing stolen property, use of a firearm while committing a felony, taking or receiving a stolen credit card, possession of forged check, identity theft, altering or forging a certificate of title, and make sell or display false identification for felony purposes or to mislead a peace officer.

Yarclay’s bond had been set at $45,000. He was released on bond.