Tiniest surviving baby ever born at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center now at home with family

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Most parents have a few worries when it comes to bringing a little bundle of joy into the world.

When Melanie Hollins found out that she was pregnant, she immediately became concerned for the baby and herself.

Hollins had been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure. In fact, doctors were prepared to place her on the kidney transplant list when she found out that she was pregnant.

Amazingly, Hollins pregnancy seemed normal for the first six months.

Then, everything changed.

On Feb. 8, Hollins began experiencing contractions and was rushed to the emergency room. Doctors learned that the baby was not growing and Hollins’ kidneys were continuing to deteriorate.

In an attempt to save both of their lives, doctors at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center decided to deliver the baby, even though she was nearly four months premature.

At 6:22 p.m., Emily Rose Hollins was delivered via emergency C-section. She weighed just 12.7 ounces and was extremely underdeveloped.

“It was scary. She was about the size of a Coke can. She didn’t even look like a doll, she was too small,” Hollins told INTEGRIS.

For the next five months, Emily Rose was confined to the hospital before finally being released to go home on July 14.

Hospital officials say she was not the most premature baby to ever leave the INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center NICU, but she is the tiniest to ever survive.