Clerk attacks, beats robbery suspect after spotting gunman’s mistake

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A store clerk in New Mexico is recovering from a fractured hand after taking down a would-be robber.

Last month, the alleged thief walked into the Family Dollar store and placed the barrel of a handgun to the temple of the clerk.

“He started counting back from five, and I’m just trying to stay my calmest and do what he says,” the clerk told KOB.

After getting the money from the clerk’s register, the alleged thief ran toward the female clerk and pressed the gun to her head too.

However, the way the thief held the gun gave away a major weakness.

“You know how they hold it ghetto? They tilt it,” he said.

When the thief turned the gun sideways, the clerk realized there was no magazine in the gun. He said he figured there was no bullet in the chamber so it was time to act.

The clerk threw the gunman to the ground, beat him and eventually kicked him out of the store.

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