Rain chances possible this week

More construction, road closures coming to metro, motorists furious

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Beginning Monday at 9 p.m., ODOT says the ramp from I-44 to I-235 southbound will be closed until Tuesday morning. Workers will be removing drums and adding up to 400 feet to the temporary merging area.

During this time, lanes on I-235 northbound between 36th street and 50th street will also be intermittently narrowed down to one lane.

The lanes will reopen Tuesday morning.

Part of another project, worth $10 million, is taking place on I-40 between I-44 and Meridian.

ODOT says crews are working on a massive overhaul to redo the concrete roadway.

The agency says more than 120,000 vehicles pass through the area each day and evening and weekend lane closures will continue to take place through the fall. Construction will them move to I-35 where workers will resurface the area between 122nd and 2nd street.

Drivers have had enough.

“If someone was in an ambulance, they had a better chance of walking to the hospital than getting through with an ambulance," said biker Wayne Rollins. "Not putting the ambulance people down, it’s the road construction. You can’t get through.”

He says he often has to take detours around town.

“On a bike, we got to go up north, all the way around, back 35 north, 35 south to 240, just to get around it because it screws up our tires."

Heather Smith says the construction causes chaos.

“People don’t know how to react to it," she said. "They panic and they and they want to rubberneck and it just causes a big confusion and I understand construction has a lot to do with it, but what is there to see?”

Rollins also has a message for drivers in construction zones.

“Turn your GPS off. Look at a real map like Indiana Jones used to do and find a detour around it.”