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Demontre Hurst, Dominique Franks Careers Cross Paths In Edmond

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It’s been five years since Demontre Hurst stepped away from the Sooners and college.

Now there lending a helping hand is Darryl Knight as the fifth year football pro strides intro training camp.

Hurst has settled in Oklahoma in Knight’s Edmond gym full of amateur athletes all the way up to the pros like himself.

“There’s no I’m on this level they’re on this level,” Hurst said. “We do the exact same thing. I’m a little bit more high intensity of course. It just shows that Darryl’s not the type to put me out there like, oh, I work out this guy. He brings everybody together. You can see it’s all types of people in our gym working out, and that’s the beauty of it.”

Demontre’s learned focusing on football doesn’t stop with the season.

Hurst helps himself and his career by stretching his workload now.

“A lot of people don’t realize it, but it’s year round,” Franks said. “You have six months of pure football, but the other six is when you train hard to keep your body in shape. Sixteen games is a lot of football games. A lot of miles. This is the time we stress our body’s. We push it to the limit.”

The first year Tennessee Titan’s currently picking up pro pointers to invest in his opportunity.

"No one is giving you hand outs,” Hurst said. “You’re actually getting paid to do something. These organizations are investing in you so now it’s time for you to invest in yourself. Live in the moment. The NFL is not a forever thing, and you just have to enjoy it while you can and learn as much as you can.”

Just a few feet away here at Knight Sports Performance and you’ll find several other pro’s perfecting their craft, including another former football Sooner standout, Dominique Franks.

After five years in the NFL his mother encouraged him to pursue his first passion in life, basketball, but a life overseas in the pro’s wasn’t an easy road ahead.

“It’s very hard,” Franks said. “It’s really being at the right place at the right time, but like I mentioned before this is my first love. I’ve always played. Even when I was in the NFL I played every day. That was my work out. I didn’t lift weights. I went to LA Fitness and just played basketball for three or four hours everyday. I always kept my basketball game up to par as best as I could.”

Picking up basketball wasn’t the hard part for Franks.

Working to lock in a contract was.

Now with a pro team in Montenegro Dominique’s shooting for his dreams, and an easy transition.

“Football really helped me a lot,” Franks said. “In basketball they don’t like contact as much, and you get a foul called. It’s easy for me to attack the goal. When they get to slapping on the arms I can finish because I’m used to tackling and getting tackled, things like that.”

Whether his hop onto the hardwood is a slam dunk or not Franks feels it’s all worth it.

“It’s just a blessing to be able to play this one year,” Franks said. “If this is the only year I play at least I can say I did something I really love, and I put everything into it. That’s all that I can ask for is just an opportunity, and I’m getting it now."​