Couple says children were taken away from them due to low IQ

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REDMOND, Ore. – A couple in Oregon says their two young sons were taken away from them because of their low intelligence.

“They’re thinking that because we have this disability, we can’t safely parent out children,” Amy Fabbrini told KTVZ.

Fabbrini and her partner, Eric Ziegler, both have IQs hovering around 70. The average IQ is considered to be between 90 and 110.

Court documents obtained by KTVZ claim that the couple’s “limited cognitive abilities” interfere with the level of care they are able to provide to a child.

Four years ago, Oregon’s Department of Human Services took their son, Christopher, just four days after he was born.

Fabbrini says a roommate made a report that they were neglecting their son.

However, a former Child Protective Services volunteer who oversaw the case is now fighting on their behalf.

“I never saw anything that was alarming to me, at any point,” Sherrene Hagenbach said.

In February, the couple’s other son was taken into state custody before he was released from the hospital.

The agency says it cannot comment on specific cases, but that intelligence cannot be the only factor for removing a child from a home.