Criminal charges dismissed against Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Court records indicate that all charges have been dropped against the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Schools.

In November, Joy Hofmeister and four powerful political operatives were charged for campaign finance violations and conspiracy.

Prosecutors claimed that Hofmeister and her team formed a dark money group to secretly accept big donations from corporations all in an effort to run a big negative campaign in 2014 against then-superintendent Janet Barresi.

Along with Hofmeister, prosecutors charged Stephanie Dawn Milligan, Steven Crawford, Lela Odom and Fount Holland with four counts for accepting contributions in excess of the maximum amount, accepting corporate contributions and two counts of conspiracy.

“At the onset of my campaign, I made a promise to myself and my supporters that as a candidate and a public servant I would reflect certain values including transparency, trustworthiness and above all, integrity. I am confident that my actions throughout my campaign more than two years ago were consistent with these values and in compliance with the law,” Hofmeister said.

On Tuesday, all charges in the case were dismissed.

Court documents claim that the state requested that all charges be dismissed against Hofmeister, Crawford, Odom, Holland and Milligan.