Update: IYC team and local business sneaking around to surprise family

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Update 8/11/17 - Ken and Carol Smith are so giddy over their new toy.

“It was so cold I had to go put on my pajamas [and] I had never done that before,” Ken said. “I said, ‘Can we fire the fireplace up?’ She turned around and looked at me, 'are you crazy?'”

The guy playing Santa in august is Terry Shinn from TS Heat and Air.

Terry's crew hooked up Ken and Carol with a brand new Lennox heating and cooling system.  

Remember, the couple from Del City was in a really tough spot and living in unbearable conditions without cool air!

Our team heard their AC was old and broken, so they hatched a plan to surprise them with a new one.

For the first time in a really long time they're comfortable during the day and night.

Carol said, “Every 15 minutes I was up and now I sleep.”

When they're not sleeping or working you'll find the Smiths extending a helping hand to someone in need. 

They're already coming up with ways to pay the kindness forward.

“Someone told me, 'Ken, good deeds come and bad deeds come but when you take the good deeds and the good things that happen to you make sure you return the favor and help out every chance you get,” Ken said.

Love like this is precious and rare.

DEL CITY, Okla. - Our In Your Corner continues to team up with TS Heat and Air to gift families with cool air.

This time we’re surprising Ken and Carol Smith with a brand new heat and air system from Lennox.

They had no idea the crew from TS was coming with us.

Their AC sputtered out months ago.

Money's tight and there's no extra cash for a new unit.

A stranger gifted them this window unit, but it's no match.

Ken said, “After it gets to 90 degrees they just shut down, start blowing out warm air and can't keep up.

Ken and Carol are never ones to sweat the small stuff or to let their discomfort keep them from spreading love and light.  

They keep an eye on the neighborhood kids and feed them popsicles.

They help round-up food for the hungry and cut people’s front lawns.

They do so much for everyone else, except themselves.

“We always do,” Carol said. “We try to help other people and don't think about ourselves.”

TS Heat and Air will now install a brand new Lennox high-efficiency heating and cool system.

It’s tough for the Smiths to put into words how much they appreciate the help.

They continue to spread seeds of kindness throughout their community.  

They plant, water and harvest a small patch of veggies in their backyard, all of it done with their own hands and no chemicals.

“I give these away,” Ken said. “All you have to do is wash these off, slice ‘em up.”

All of us are witnessing something real special taking root.

We’ll let you know as soon as the Smith’s new unit is up and running.