Man critically injured after jumping off of abandoned bridge into river

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SPOKANE, Wash – A man was critically injured when he attempted to do a back flip off of a Washington bridge into a river.

Rowan Clark says he was at the abandoned bridge in Spokane with his friends when one man said he was planning on doing a back flip off of the bridge.

“A lot of people I know love to jump off of it and stuff,” Clark told KHQ. “When I got here, there were already people jumping off of it.”

It is a 60-foot drop into the river below, and Clark says he immediately knew something was wrong when the man hit the water.

“He’d been bleeding out of his mouth and his whole left side, or right side was super bruised and purple,” Clark said.

He immediately called 911, and began performing CPR on the man.

Paramedics rushed the man to a nearby hospital in critical condition.