Sweet 8-year-old boy just looking for ‘someone to love him back’

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Dylan has spent the past three years in DHS custody and is ready to find a family who will 'love him back.'

Deborah Lovelace, a child welfare specialist for DHS, says the 8-year-old is a cautious adventurer who loves the water.

"New experiences sometimes can unsettle him a little bit, but once he gets to doing it and doing it, he's fine," she said.

Lovelace says that Dylan would thrive in a home that can care for his special needs.

"He does have some educational and developmental delays, but he is absolutely fantastic," she said.

She says he is always smiling and is described as a 'doll.'

"He's really affectionate, really loving. When he calls me sometimes at night, he's like, 'Miss Debbie, Miss Debbie, I love you, Miss Debbie.' I love you too, Dylan,'" she said.

Lovelace says that Dylan is a normal child looking for someone to love him.

"He would do so wonderfully in a family setting. He wants brothers. He wants sisters. He wants a mom and dad. He wants a puppy. He's a normal kid in almost all aspects," she said.

"He just wants that family connection and someone to love him back because he has a lot of love in him to give,” Lovelace added.

Visit http://www.okdhs.org/ for more information on adopting a child or call (405) 767.2955.

DHS officials say if the child you are looking for finds a home, there are many others that are still waiting for a place to call home.

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