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After weeks of burglaries, nursery owner nearly catches thieves in the act

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro nursery owner, fed up after weeks of thieves targeting his business, nearly catches the culprits who have made off with "thousands" in flowers, fountains and planters.

"I would say we’re probably out $7,000 - $10,000," said Kelly Marcum, owner of Marcum's Nursery located at 2121 SW 119th Street.

Marcum says the burglaries have been happening, off and on, for about a month. But their frequency has picked up in the last couple of weeks. Marcum says the thieves would get into the property at night through a fence that butts up to an adjacent office park.

"It’s a place where it’s a little bit more hidden throughout the rest of the nursery and it’s about the only place that’s not a street or neighborhood bordering our nursery," Marcum said.

On Monday night, he says he became fed up.

"We were either going to fix the fence really, really well where they couldn’t break into it, or we were going to have a stake-out," Marcum said. "So we had a stake-out. We saw them pull up and we knew where to look and saw flashlights and then we called the police and they did everything possible."

Oklahoma City Police dispatched their helicopter and a canine officer to try and track the suspects down as they took off in the night.

Now, Marcum is asking for the public's help to hopefully turn the tables on the crooks.

"Being in the nursery business you’re kind of at the mercy of good people," he said.  "And then you run across bad people every now and then."

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