Man has entire student loan debt erased thanks to free trivia game app

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - An Indiana man had his entire student loan debt balance erased, all thanks to a free trivia game.

Jordan Shelton,  a 2014 graduate of Manhattan Christian College in Kansas, couldn't believe it when he found out his $33,407 in debt was taken care of, he told KFOR affiliate FOX 59.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine my loans being paid off by playing a free trivia game!” said Shelton. “At CMF International, I recruit, encourage and equip interns for international ministry. With the burden of student loans gone, I’ll now be able to expand my missionary work!”

The game, Givling, is free to download and crowdfunds student loan debt through in-app purchases.

The mission of the app is to "eradicate the growing $1.4 trillion student loan debt crisis," according to Givling officials.

“Student loans are predatory loans. They can’t be dismissed in bankruptcy and haunt people even in retirement” said Lizbeth Pratt, CEO and founder of Givling. “The stories we receive are heartbreaking. Just the other day we received an email from a low-income retiree and his monthly pension is garnished because of his student loan debt.”

Givling is able to help pay off loans through revenue from advertising and the optional in-app purchases.

“We have the power to pay off one $50,000 loan per day” said Pratt. “The more people that play, the more debt we pay off. It’s that simple.”

According to FOX 59, Givling has paid off five student loans worth more than $550,000.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for Android devices or from the App Store for iOS devices.

Pratt said the next random drawing will take place in early August.

Use the invite code SB163487.

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