‘Sugar daddy’ banned from Florida beach after handing out cards to young women

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VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A 73-year-old man has been banned from a Florida beach and says he is considering moving following an ‘error in judgement.’

The man tells WESH that he is lonely and likes to walk along the beach to talk to people.

Two weeks ago, he said he purchased a t-shirt and business cards online as a joke, but those items caused concern among some beach-goers.

The 73-year-old says he handed out cards to attractive girls that read, “Sugar daddy seeking his sugar baby, offering a monthly allowance.”

He also allegedly carried around a bra padding, telling women that he is ‘looking for a Cinderella to fill it.’

Karolina Seaman says she is furious after the man approached her 16-year-old daughter with the padding and a business card.

“If you want something, go find it in a nursing home. Don’t go to the beach approaching underage girls,” Seaman told WESH.

The incident caused officials to ban him from the beach, but say he technically didn’t break any laws.

The man says the joke went too far, and he plans to throw away the cards and shirt.

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