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Stolen lifeline: Thieves steal emergency generator needed for medical equipment

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SPOKANE, Wash. – Since her daughter’s birth, Barbara Sybil has been worried about her health.

Sybil’s daughter, Annah, was born with cerebral palsy and lung issues that mimic cystic fibrosis.  As a result, Sybil’s home is filled with medical equipment to help her move and breathe.

However, thieves recently targeted the family’s lifeline if the power were to go out at their home.

“What do I do? It’s probably gone,” she told KHQ. “I’ve been sick to my stomach about it.”

Last weekend, thieves stole the family’s generator.

“It’s needed and I can’t afford to replace it right now,” Sybil said through tears.

Two years ago, a wind storm knocked the power out to their home and Sybil struggled to keep things going for Annah.

Fortunately, the community rallied around them and purchased the now-stolen generator.

“Without that generator, we’re back to hoping her health doesn’t crash,” she said.

Sybil has posted a note on her garage, asking the thieves to bring back the generator.

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