Watch: Oklahoma officer’s body cam captures unusual suspect damaging patrol car

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BLANCHARD, Okla. – Police departments across the country have turned to body-worn cameras to give officials and the community a glimpse into what really happens when officers respond to a call.

Last weekend, one police officer’s body camera captured an unusual suspect damaging his patrol car.

While at a home, a Blanchard police officer was walking back to his car when a baby goat decided to hop on the hood.

The officer can be heard laughing as the goat’s owner tells it to get down off the car.

“We’ll see if insurance covers that. I got it all on video, it’s fine,” he jokes.

As he is getting back in his patrol, the goat decided to hop back on the hood of the car.

“That’s my hood, dude,” the officer is heard saying.

The Blanchard Police Department posted the body cam footage on its Facebook page with the caption, “Body cams are useful for convincing the Chief that a goat did it.”

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