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‘American Ninja Warrior’ contestant has touching, real-life ‘This Is Us’ story

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Two couples have similar, touching stories about adopting babies right after tragic losses – however one couple’s story is a television show and the other’s is real life.

Josh Butler is a 31-year-old bus driver from Nashville, Tennessee who was a contestant on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Monday night.

Cheering him on was his wife, Katie Butler, and their 2-year-old son, Braxtel Butler.

Josh and Katie adopted Braxtel in 2015 after the loss of their baby boy, Dewey Butler – much like characters Jack and Rebecca Pearson adopted Randall Pearson after the loss of their baby on the emotional show ‘This Is Us.’

Dewey had a generic disorder and had trouble eating and breathing.

“There were definitely some dark times, some sad times,” Josh said. “Basically, all our waking hours were in the hospital. That’s where he passed away after 132 days.”

“His little body had been working so hard,” Katie said. “But, we knew that God was preparing us for something with Dewey.”

That’s when a nurse told the couple about Braxtel, whose family had abandoned him at the hospital and who also had some of the illnesses Dewey did.

“Right away, I knew it was an answer to our prayer,” Katie said. “This baby needed a home, needed a family.”

“And, so, we met him, and we fell in love with him, so we fostered and then adopted him,” Josh said. “Eventually, our new son, Braxtel, we got to bring him home.”

Josh didn’t make through the obstacle course however, in sign language and with a breathing tube, Braxtel was next to his daddy the whole way through.