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Man behind bars for shooting two people he thought were burglars

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BLANCHARD, Okla. - Instead of being hailed a hero, Matthew Wilkins is in the Grady County jail.

It was all in an effort to help a friend lure off what he thought were burglars. Police said Wilkins showed up to the home heavily armed.

“With two 9 millimeter pistols, one on each side. Also, four knives, an expandable baton and a shotgun,” said Undersheriff Nathan Pyle.

Two people were walking their dog along County Road 1341 in rural Grady County over the weekend when they claimed a dog attacked their dog.

They knocked on the door to tell the homeowners but no one answered, so they decided to try to leave a note.

“There was a pickup in the front yard that the window was down on and he reached inside or got inside the pickup to get an ink pen to leave a note,” Pyle said.

When the person inside heard the commotion, he called Wilkins, who allegedly shot one of the victims with a shotgun in the legs and face when they didn't leave the property.

However, those who were there say the police sent the wrong man to jail.

“We had two people come up and try to break into our house,” said Jeff Johnson.

Johnson said a friend was house sitting for him when he saw the couple trying to break into his home not trying to leave a note, so his friend started snapping photos and called Wilkins.

“They wouldn't let us press charges on them because they were leaving a note in a locked pickup. Stole the money out of the pickup, cell phone cords...” Johnson said.

Johnson said the couple allegedly tried to rip out the window A/C unit and broke the glass trying to get inside the camper. He just wants the charges dropped against his friend.

“They took the one that was protecting the property to jail,” said Johnson.

Wilkins was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon.