Fallen Marine’s family raises money to bring his platoon to funeral

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ELDORA, Iowa -  After 20-year-old LCpl. Cody Haley was killed by a falling tree at Camp Pendleton, his family learned they weren't the only ones hurting from his loss.

While planning Cody's funeral, his mother was moved when she saw a video on Facebook by a member of her son's platoon.

"It was the most beautiful and touching thing that I've ever seen in my life," she told WHO-TV.

Cody's friends set up a cross on a large hill and held a wake in his honor where they sang songs and played the guitar.

After seeing the video, Haley says she realized that Cody's family extended far beyond their bloodline.

She immediately started organizing fundraisers to help pay for the flights needed to get Cody's platoon to his funeral in Iowa.

In just four days, Haley was able to raise $35,000 to bring her son's friends to his funeral.

"I want him remembered as a kid full of life, energy, and that small percentage that decided to step up and defend our country," Kim Haley said.

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