He was looking for an ending to his book. Nick Felix found it in the daughter he never knew

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The only kids Nick Felix has at home these days are his two dogs, and they're both teenagers.

"They're human disposal units," he jokes.

Both of them eat their vegetables as long as they're green peppers.

The rest of the time, they relax comfortably with him in retirement.

"They're getting old just like me," he said.

But, family means a lot to Nick, the youngest of 10 children, raised by a purchase bride straight off the boat from Italy.

"If I take it from the top, it's really exciting," he said.

That's what prompted the book he started writing in his spare time.

The stories eventually spilled over into his own, rather exciting life as a longtime dance instructor and movie producer.

There was something missing though, and for that we have to back up.

"I met this one girl," he recalls.

As a senior in high school, Nick had a girlfriend, a serious one.

"We had an affair."

It was 1950.

One thing led to another.

"She got pregnant."

He offered marriage.

She said no.

Nick was already in the Air Force stationed in Korea when she was born.

"That was when I was 17."

A good family in Ohio adopted Laura.

Nick went on to have a boy and two girls of his own, but that first one, he always wondered.

"Well, I'll tell you. There's a daughter of mine, and I could meet her and not even know it. That's the funny part of it," he said.

It turns out Laura wondered too, all her life.

She had three kids of her own and a career as a school counselor.

Laura's family located Nick through a DNA database, a chance hit.

"Sure enough," he said. "It's got to be him."

She and her family took a flight to Oklahoma City to finally meet.

"All of a sudden, you're introduced to a big part of your family you never knew you had," he said.

Nick has been a dance instructor all his life, learning to move to a beat, to lead, to step in the right place.

This new song stopped him cold at first, but he picked it up quickly and found a proper ending to the book he was working on.

"It was a surprise gift," he smiles.

The big Italian family he loved so much suddenly got a little bigger one day, and life's big dance added a new step.

Nick's newly found grand-daughter has agreed to write the final three chapters of family history.

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