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“He actually collided with a police car,” Man leads Stillwater police on wild, low-speed chase

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- It's pretty clear, Jason Jermaine Gray didn't want to go back behind bars.

The ex-con had only been out about six months when Stillwater PD's Special Projects Unit spotted him leaving a suspected drug house.

"When they turned on the emergency equipment to stop him, the subject fled. That led to a six-and-a-half minute pursuit," said Capt. Kyle Gibbs, with the Stillwater Police Department.

The pursuit zigzagged through Stillwater neighborhoods.

The speeding SUV plowed through yards, past pedestrians and through several intersections.

"It was a fairly low-speed pursuit because he was turning often. And we were attempting to set up road blocks to stop his path," Gibbs said.

At one point, police almost had him corralled.

"At 9th and West, he actually collided with a police car," Gibbs said.

There were several more minutes of dangerous maneuvers before Gray finally bailed out in someone's front yard.

"There were several officers there immediately who took him into custody. He did resist arrest initially, but they were able to take him into custody," he said.

Gray's criminal record dates back almost 20 years with convictions ranging from robbery to drug possession.

He was even busted for conspiring with family to smuggle meth into the Payne County Jail inside the spine of a Bible.

If convicted on these latest charges, Gray could spend the rest of his life behind bars because of his previous criminal convictions.