A Trio of Former Sooners Hope to Turn UCO Around

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He burst on the scene in 1996...
"Jarrail Jackson waits, takes it at the Oklahoma 49, tries to get a block, does get a block, 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 touchdown Oklahoma, no flags! Jarrail Jackson," said Bob Barry, Senior on the call during an OU-Texas in 1996.
These days, Jackson is known as coach.
Jackson says, "Been with coach Leach, was at Dartmouth, Mississippi State so we have some fun, hang out and have some fun. The biggest thing is if we have fun and produce we're going to be fine."
But he's not the only Sooner who's turned into a Broncho. Former OU defensive back Gabe Lynn and defensive tackle Casey Walker are graduate assistants this season.
Former Sooner Gabe Lynn says, "It's awesome. When I got the opportunity to come up here, I was excited. Obviously be apart of this University and this football team. I'm excited to be here."
Former Sooner Charles Walker echoes those sentiments, "I've been on the playing side and been a player and now I'm on the coaching side so I'm just following my dream."
Between the 3 coaches, they've got a combined 9 appearances in bowl games (which include sugar bowl and fiesta bowl wins) and 4 big 12 championships. UCO is hoping that success will help them bounce back from just a three win season last year.
Sixth year UCO head coach Nick Bobeck says, "Those guys are doing a really good job. They're sharp. They've got a way with the players and they've bought into UCO. And outer guys appreciate that. That they're bought into them and what they're doing and I'm proud of them for that. Those guys are doing a heck of a job."
Jackson adds of his fellow OU alums, "Gabe's coached a little bit at Norman north so he's done a little bit of it. Casey just comes in and moves from defense to the offense. But what he brings to the offense is very good. He brings it from a defensive perspective."
Walker and Lynn played in a much different era of OU football than Jackson. But no matter the time in which they played, their resumes as players have helped them earn the respect of the Bronchos.
Jackson adds, "Those guys, they know. Anywhere you go they're going to google you and see what you're all about. They know. All we do is come in and embrace the UCO history and just try to bring what we experienced at Oklahoma. Me, playing on some rough teams at Oklahoma and then playing on some good teams. Gabe and them just kind of took it to the next level. So it's just good to have everybody here."
Lynn says of his playing days, "We didn't play too long ago so some guys still know who we are  but we recognize there's still a lot for us to learn even though we did get a chance to play at a high level so it's kind of good to have us out here and love up on the guys and get them ready for the season."
Walker adds, "I feel like I won't do any justice if I don't pass along what I know to these guys and help them come up and help them become great players."
Even though all three were brought up by the crimson and cream, they're proud to represent the bronze and blue.