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Missouri dog can’t compete in Kansas City because it looks like a pit bull

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PLEASANT HILL, Mo. — A  Missouri woman said Kansas City, Kansas won’t let her dog into a competition because the dog looks like a pit bull.

“We’re not really sure what breed Annie is,” said Amanda Morrisey, the dog’s owner.

Morrisey adopted Annie, who is 2-and-a-half-years-old, from a rescue group but no one knew her breed.

The pair now travel around the region to compete in “dock dog” competitions, but they recently learned that they could not compete in Kansas City, Kansas.

The city has an ordinance on the books that bans dogs that have pit bull characteristics.

“He wondered if that decision was made too rashly and that it wasn’t necessarily run through all the proper channels,” Morrisey said. “He indicated he was going to take it to the Chief of Police.”

The Kansas City Police Department ultimately said Annie is not allowed in the city this weekend for the competition.

Morrisey said she reached out to the city so she could work with them because the dog would not be staying in Kansas City.

“I was hoping there would be some sort of exception,” she said. “Some cities do have an exception.”

That exception was not granted.

Even though she cannot bring or compete with Annie on Saturday, she is still planning on going. Morrisey wants to be a breed ambassador for pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

Morrisey said she has never once seen Annie be aggressive toward anyone.

Annie and Morrisey competed a few weeks ago in Overland Park. That city said they couldn’t tell what breed Annie is.