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Tenant, manager catch maintenance worker allegedly stealing on camera

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A tenant is looking for answers after he says a home surveillance camera caught a maintenance worker stealing from him while on the job.

Kelvin Wilson has lived in Rosemont Apartments for nine months and until now, he says he's never had issues with the complex.

"I [keep] pretty much to myself. I go to work, come home. I don’t really get to see the in’s and out’s of what goes on here," says Wilson.

Last month, Wilson installed a camera inside his home for security purposes.

This past week, a maintenance worker was sent to Wilson's apartment for a work order on his garbage disposal.

The surveillance video allegedly captured the worker pouring pills out of a bottle prescribed to Wilson following a dental procedure and going into his bedroom multiple times, despite the work order primarily involving the kitchen.

Aside from the pills, Wilson claims a number of other personal belongings are missing like an old cell phone and ring. He tells NewsChannel 4 he believes the apartment complex should be held responsible for replacement.

"If they feel that he was trustworthy and that he could do this job without doing stuff like this, then they should be liable for at least giving me face value for the things that he took," he says.

Shari Peacock, property manager for Rosemont Apartments, tells NewsChannel 4  she was "appalled" when she saw the footage, also adding the apartment complex took immediate responsibility when they fired the worker.

However, in terms of replacing the items for cash or face value, she says that should not fall on Rosemont Apartments.

"We also state in our leases, that you should always get renters insurance for anything that could happen like this so, the responsibility wouldn’t really come back on us," explains Peacock.

Peacock says they plan to enforce stronger background checks on potential employees in light of this incident.

"There is a company that checks for us, that checks for credit and for criminal. If it pops up, it shows us everything," she explains.

Management has also offered Wilson to break his lease without penalty if he feels uncomfortable with his living situation.

We're told this incident has been reported to police.