Watch: Police officer forced off side of freeway by drunk driver

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HOUSTON, Texas – Police in Houston are using terrifying body cam footage to prove a point about drunken driving.

Officers were working an accident scene when a driver who was drunk crashed through their blockade.

“I hear a screech of the tires. Before I knew it, there was a car right up on me. The headlights were facing right on me. I had less than a second to react to the situation,” Officer Roshad Carter said.

“If I would have frozen still, the car would have run me over and probably would have taken my life,” he added.

Carter was forced over the side of the freeway, and fell 16 feet to the ground below.

Authorities tell KTRK that Carter’s back was broken in several places, and he lost consciousness when he landed.

He is still recovering from his injuries.

Another officer was also forced over the side of the freeway, but he was not as seriously injured.