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Cleveland County reserve deputy’s Facebook post about LGBTQ community causing controversy

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WARNING: Some people may find some of the language in this story offensive.

CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. – A social media post allegedly made by a Cleveland County Sheriff’s deputy is creating backlash among minority groups.

“The new generation is filled with lib tards, transvestites, gays and sissies who need a safe room,” the post said.

The post was made by Ken Coartney on Facebook and we confirmed with Cleveland County that he is a reserve deputy.

“It’s hateful language. I mean, I think he, especially being in a community where he’s surrounded by students in Norman, I think it’s just unfathomable that he would use this kind of language to insult an entire generation of people,” said Troy Stevenson with Freedom Oklahoma.

Freedom Oklahoma is an advocate organization for the LGBTQ community.

Stevenson says someone sent him a screenshot of the post Saturday morning.

“These are people he’s supposed to be protecting. These are people that have to look to him as an officer of the law and yet he’s using this kind of language. It’s unacceptable," he said.

NewsChannel 4 reached out to the public information officer for the sheriff’s office. He told us he wasn’t aware of the post until we told him about it. We also sent him a screenshot.

So far, we haven’t received an official response about the situation.