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OU Unveils Updated Football Facilities

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While the outside of Oklahoma memorial stadium still shows some signs of construction the inside is fully functional.

Athletic director Joe Castiglione led a two hour today.

Adding that everything's all new & nothing's remodeled.

Starting with the training room, which is about as big as a baseball diamond.

Each hallway highlights the history of the program.

A player's lounge featured comfy chairs, tv's set up to watch or for video games, and of course snacks for the Sooners.

The locker room showcases the Sooners success while outfitting OU with plenty of personal space.

Even leaving a few open for former players now in the NFL.

Baker Mayfield's reserved area even came with reminders.

Step down the hall, and you'll find the Sooners space for equipment.

And then it was hard to miss OU's extravagant weight room, featuring 70 yards of turf, weight equipment and some of the top technology to date.

Leaving everyone in awe that sees it.

"People are coming through here and if their mouths aren't agape, the constant wow's, the oh's and ah's, can't believe it, this is incredible, those kinds of phrases are very plentiful when they walk through this," Castiglione said.  "Most importantly it was meant to serve the student athletes and fans, and that was our goal.  We felt like we exceeded."

This wraps up a two year process in which OU completely tore down the old south end zone structure, and rebuilt everything that you saw today.

Athletic Director, Joe Castiglione said, it's very rare that they were able to accomplish this feat in this amount of time, and that they designed the facility so they would be able to evolve with the times, keeping up with all the latest technology.

It's so new in fact that Lincoln Riley and his staff still haven't even quite figured out how to use it.

"It's just convenient is a big part of it," Riley said.  "With everything being there you can get so much done in the same amount of hours.  That allows more meeting room time, more training room time for them, more rest for them, it's been a more efficient camp because of that.  And just the space you have.  We've been very creative where you walk through using some of the different technology in the building to enhance their learning, kind of give them different modes of learning.  There's been some things in the last few weeks that I think when the initial design of the building happened we weren't thinking we were going to use, say, this video board this way. But we've found some new ways as we've gone on that this can help us, we can do this.  We're still trying to adapt to it too, and find the best ways to use it."