Don’t get burned by dangerous fake eclipse glasses

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahomans are buzzing about the next big solar eclipse and scrambling to find the perfect eclipse glasses to watch the event!

Don't get burned, though.

There are counterfeit sites popping up online.

Their glasses can look real but may not protect your eyes.

Doctor Garett Frank of the Dean McGee Eye Institute said your parents were right, never stare at the sun.

“Essentially, the energy from the sun is actually burning, potentially causing a hole in the retina from the intense energy,” he said.

Trevor Taylor from the Science Museum Oklahoma used a high-powered flash light to burn a hole in piece of paper, showing us what can happen if you look directly up at the sun without solar filters.

“That only took a couple of seconds," he said.

There are safe ways to view the eclipse, like making your own pinhole camera or buying certified viewing glasses. 

“These filter out the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun going into your eyes,” Taylor said.

A legit pair will include an ISO certification number and the manufacturer's name and address, although there are some reports of scammers printing the ISO Certification labels on fake eclipse glasses.

The real ones are going to be over 1,000 times darker than your regular sunglasses.

Frank said using regular sun glasses, even the darker ones, aren't enough.

Lorenzo Thompson knows firsthand what can happen if you ignore the doctor's orders.

“I looked up like that, and then I shut my eyes and it was burned in my retina,” he said. “I could see the whole flash.”

Mom, Rebecca, remembers watching her first eclipse in high school with a homemade viewing device.

“We didn't have glasses back then, but we will have them this time,” she said.

There are NASA approved solar eclipse glasses.

Reputable vendors & retailers, click here.

The Myriad Gardens is hosting its OKCLipse Party on August 21.

Many branches of the Metropolitan Library System offer information programs with presentations on the eclipse with free eclipse glasses.

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