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This Ponca City baseball fan will chase anything foul, fair or found

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PONCA CITY, Okla. - Some people might like to read about baseball history.

Steve Wyatt likes to catch it on the fly.

"It's an unbelievable rush to see a baseball and think, hey, it's coming out here, maybe I'm going to catch it," he said.

Ever since he was a kid, those occasional balls hit foul or hit for a home run have captured his imagination.

He always brought his mitt to games but, in 2001, he started counting and documenting the fair, foul and found balls he ran across or ran to.

"1006 baseballs since 2001," he said.

Wyatt reaches for a ball on a high shelf and said "I caught a home run ball in 2012 in Oklahoma City hit by Brett Wallace."

"I didn't catch my first home run until 2005," he said. "It was hit by Adrian Gonzalez."

Fans call it ball hawking, and it's a competitive sport.

Wyatt has been known to sneak into batting practice.

He even stole a home run ball from his own son when the boy was 10.

"That was terrible," he said. "I always felt bad about that."

Wyatt is a legendary presence at minor league parks in both Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City.

He haunts college outfields too.

His devotion to the game is religious.

"Some people think the Bible says 'In the beginning,'" he jokes. "I think it says 'In the big inning'."

He marks his baseballs with dates and locations.

Wyatt tries to get autographs for the home runs.

Wyatt is slowing down a little.

He can't follow the flight of a baseball as well as he used to.

This season, he's battled injury too.

A sore hip slowed him down.

He's getting that replaced soon.

"I still move pretty good for an old guy," Wyatt said.

Next year, he wants to come back better and faster than ever.

As long as there are baseballs to chase this ball hawk wants to have his glove ready.

"I don't have to have all of them," Wyatt said. "But, when I go, I'm going to give it my best shot."