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“It makes life miserable for us,” Veterans Center in Clinton suffers major water problem

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CLINTON, Okla. – The veteran’s center in Clinton is nearly 100 years old.

"Somebody, whoever did this initially, messed up,” said Stephen Douglas, who served in the Army and the Marines.

Douglas is now disabled and confined to a walker. He said he, along with his fellow residents, are furious over the facility’s water problem.

“It makes life miserable for us," he said. "Can't shower. Can't use the restrooms.”

It started more than a week ago when the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs said the water pressure suddenly dropped and then came back in odd places, flooding certain areas.

“Fresh water actually coming out of sewage pipes,” said Shane Faulkner, with the ODVA. “About four to five inches of flooding in just this building alone.”

The department said the residents were never in any need of water thanks to the city of Clinton helping out.

Crews were also out tearing through the asphalt to try and find the source of the problem. Faulkner said the problem starts with the Oklahoma State Capitol.

“We are charged with taking care of over 1,400 veterans in this state,” Faulkner said. “We need top facilities to do that. When you're giving us 100 year old buildings, obviously there's going to be some issues.”

He said veterans deserve better.

“These are the guys that raised their right hand and said 'I do solemnly swear to defend the constitution,'” Faulkner said. “We owe them the best care that we can possibly give them.”

Douglas agrees.

“Get their head out of their lower tail assembly and start looking and taking care of us," he said. "We served to protect them. Why can't they do what they're supposed to do? Take care of us.”

Faulkner said repairs could total $100,000.