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Four children rescued from creek in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Bystanders rescued four children from a creek in southeast Oklahoma City Tuesday afternoon.

Officials were near the scene of S.E. 44th and Bryant.

Initial reports earlier in the afternoon said only three children were rescued. However, due to conflicting information at the scene, fire crews were unable to immediately determine whether there was a fourth child or not.

The OKCFD confirmed Tuesday night a fourth child was found.

Another bystander was able to help the child out of the creek.

All children have been accounted for and none of the children were transported.

Fire crews say rushing water can overtake a person very quickly, and recommend that all parentsĀ use this as an opportunity to speak to their children about the dangers of rushing water. Once in moving water, even the strongest swimmer can be pushed under debris. There could be sharp objects, logs, or even power lines in the water. It is best to stay away from bodies of water when it is heavily raining.