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Former Oklahoma minister sentenced in child pornography case

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TURLEY, Okla. – A former Oklahoma minister will spend the next four years in prison after pleading guilty to a child pornography charge.

On May 9, Ronald Robinson pleaded guilty to one count of accessing with intent to view child pornography on a website.

Robinson was arrested after he allegedly watched child pornography that was live streamed on a website. Investigators say they didn’t find child pornography on his home computer, but did find logs that linked him to chat room activity involving child pornography.

Agents say Robsinson, who was a minister in Turley at the time, made comments about raping a child and responded to a comment about killing a child after sexual abuse.

According to FOX 23, Robinson allegedly admitted to fantasizing about hurting children but never acted on those fantasies.

Robinson’s attorney, Scott Graham, told the Tulsa World that “there is nothing illegal with what he was typing,” adding that Robinson was using his creative writing as a way to “exorcise some of his demons.”

Robinson was sentenced to 57 months in prison related to the charges.